Meeting Dates

The Tri-County Beekeepers Association usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month.
You are invited to attend our meetings.   If you wish to become a member of our association, the annual family membership fee is $10.

We usually have an open discussion about what we are doing with our bees at this time of year. 


Next Meeting:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church
  • 2555 Clearwater Road
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • 7:00PM

-On the agenda-

Flow hive demonstration.

Introduction to new youth scholarship winners for 2018.

Committee membership. Please think about being involved with a committee.

We will introduce the 2018 budget. We will be discussing and voting in January.

Bring a treat (cake, cookie, granola, sauce, dinner if you want) made with honey to share.  This is the yearly meeting where we eat and talk.

Bring a sample (about 1/2 #) of your honey from this year. We will set up to do honey tastings to see if you can identify flavors. You will also get the results from a number of people to see if they can agree on the flavor of your honey.   You will need to bring a bottle of water to sip between tastings. Even if you have no honey to bring we will need you to test your taste buds.

Did you get a chance to check your hives during the warms spells we had? If so come ready to talk about what's going on in your hives with others at the potluck! Or maybe just plans for next year!

Hope to see you all there!





Click here to print a copy of the Membership Form...$10 per year.